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28th August 2006

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#1 10 years ago

Ever dreamed of having Battlefield 2 soldiers move just like BF1942 soldiers...well guess what you can!


rem *** Adjust the soldier's speed. All stances are affected (crouch, etc) Vars.Set phy-soldier-speed-factor 1.65 vars.set phy-soldier-sprint-speed 5 vars.set phy-soldier-run-speed 1.5 vars.set phy-soldier-walk-speed 0.6 vars.set phy-soldier-crawl-speed 0.6

Change these to these settings, (it will look like your sprinting, your not don't worry)

and then all you gotta do is edit this peice of code for each soldier:


ObjectTemplate.drag 1.0 ObjectTemplate.mass 100 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasResponsePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.SprintRecoverTime 20 ObjectTemplate.SprintDissipationTime 0 ObjectTemplate.SprintLimit 0.001 ObjectTemplate.SprintLossAtJump 0 rem ObjectTemplate.Grip 20

To be like this, this turns off the sprint, and then VIOLA! Your soldiers now move almost exactly like they did in BF1942. Im looking for a way to make the speed at which the sprint animation engages larger, BUT for those of you who play alot of Single player, Backup for Objects_Server.zip to another location, or name it Objects_Server.zip.backup, then extract it, edit the files, repack it, and have fun with your new bots icon_biggrin.gif