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28th June 2003

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#1 7 years ago

Hi all, I'm currently making my mod called "PureChaos" and so far I've only made a few minor changes, but those changes have well made singeplayer not so simple but more fun as i have found out through out the many tests I've had to do.

And so i thought i would release the Alpha Mod version to the public to get some feedback/ideas on how i could improve my mod. I'm making the mod mainly using notepad on version 1.0 so you can expect somethings not to look right, or the mod not to run as a "standalone" mod.

You will need to back up your objects_server.zip before installing my version of the objects_server.zip file.

Download from SendSpace

Only got 3 Screens for now as its hard to see what the "Super Solder" class does without physically going ingame.

Heres a list of whats been done.

Support Class for all teams have been renamed to SuperSoldier

Most of the weapons have been cloned.

"SuperSoldier" Class has the following modified Weapons

M95 Barret - Extra Zoom, Explosive rounds. Jackhammer - Firing this at the ground will send you flying into the air. Saiga12 - Very Dangerous weapon. Fire it at any vehicles, infantry to send them "Away" from you. Predator - Renamed "Pred MK II", Fires the tow missile and has increased zoom. M249 Saw - Nicknamed "RocketSaw" but doesnt fire rockets, only a barrage of Bombs. Protecta Shotgun - Now called SMGL. Fires a burst of 8 grenades with less velocity. Can bounce grenades around corners.

** All "SuperSolders" have the same weapons. And they will use them against you. **

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following vehicles have been modified ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BlackHawk - Drops a payload of bombs - 90 bombs with a burst of 5 F18 - Bombs - 800 Rounds, Burst size 25, RPM increased to 900

Heres a few teaser screenshots screen001.pngPropulsion shotgun screen033.jpgF18 Carpet Bomber screen037.jpg"Bomb" Hawk

So please download it and have a go. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Or if you have any ideas on how i can improve it. Please let me know.