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#1 13 years ago

I'm new to modding BF2 but have a good knowledge from modding BF:V. Just to get the hang of the new GUI etc, I ran through some tutorials. However, whenever I try to load one of my maps, when I click on 'Join Game' It crashes to desktop. I have followed the tutorials to the letter but it keeps happening. In the log window there are a lot of red error messages but these appear to be associated with parts of the level that haven't been created, therefore can't be loaded. So as far as I can see these shouldn't be a problem. I've kept things to an absolute minimum (Bases, Spawn points, Object spawns etc...) but still with the same result! I've even tried re-installing the editor but this doesn't work. I'm running BF2 1.4 and the editor is 1.3 but without a 1.4 bfeditor patch, could this be the problem? If so where can I find a BF2Editor patch to 1.4? Please help!!!!!:bawl: