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16th November 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Okay, so I was thinking of a bf2 mod with more in depth game play. With sort of an RPG style I guess. Okay so here's the base of the mod idea. There will be attributes each time you rank up. The attributes will be as following:

Marksmanship: Increases weapon damage by 1% and weapon accuracy by 2% per point. Armor: Increases Hit Points by 5 per point. Agility: Increases movement speed and fire/reload rate by 2% per point. Stanima: Increases Hit Point recovery by .2 a sec and energy recovery by .16 a sec per point. Sensory: Increases dodge chance by .8% and radar detection by 2% per point. Stealth: Reduces visibility by 1.5% and weapon/footstep sound by 2% per point.

Gain 2 Attribute Points per rank, top rank is 50, also every 10 ranks or so you get to choose an ability for your character depending on class, some abilities will take a certain amount of energy to use. Also more gun unlocks per class should be added.

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23rd June 2005

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#2 13 years ago

Intresting concept, but the way of doing that sounds too complex. Their would be a huge curve once people leveled up (much like an RPG), so new people would likely quit before they would ever level up once.

A more intresting idea (as i once came up with) would be for each point to be like "cash". Get enough "cash" and you can buy better weapons, night vison, body armor, knives, explosives, greande types, etc. With each rank one gained they could choose to get "training" to increase their skills in a particular catagerory.


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#3 13 years ago

Likethe idea DF, sounds a bit like CounterStrike :)