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24th February 2005

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#1 14 years ago

To the forums moderators,,,(did not see a BF2 section yet, so posted here...please move when the BF2 section comes on line..:) ) We are forming a new team for those of the MOH series that feel let down by MOHPA....(call to arms mod team)

Our team so far has 8 members....all are seasoned mod makers for the MOH series....our members include model makers, model animators, script writers, map makers, and much more....

The project??? We are planning to hijack the BF2 game when it hits the market...(Viva la revolution!!!!!) and do a WWII total conversion mod, with the MOH series fans in mind....

We are now putting together a collection of models, in 3ds format for use in the new mod.... We will also be converting some of the brush work from the MOHAA source maps to 3ds format for use in the mod..... This will help to ensure you get the feeling you are seeing a MOH series continuation....

One of the maps planned for the conversion is "The Battle of Britain" a multiplayer map based on the blitz.... This map will even feature a destroyable "BIG BEN!"

The allies must repel an all-out german assault on London, from land, sea, and air!!! Of course, true to the BF series, all vehicles will be usable!

We are looking for mod makers of all levels of experience, and interests.... This conversion is in the works and still needs alot of input... We won't shut you out, got an Idea??? We want to hear it, no dictators on this mod team...

Just contact me at [email][/email] or see our posts at the in the BF2 secton... Even if you aren't interested in working on the mod team, maybe you would like to donate some WWII models, or simply give us your Ideas on maps you would like to see in the new mod......stop by and give us a look!!!! Look for any posts from Jonas, or with the header...(call to arms mod team...)


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31st January 2004

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#2 14 years ago

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