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30th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

During installation of OFP:cold war crisis, i get the message

"File Read error: D:\Flashpoint\DTA\HWTL\Data2D.pbo"

i also get the message "No entry: 'bin/config.bin.GfcWorlds'.

ive had this game working on my pc before...why doesn't it work now? [email="andrewchapman30@hotmail.com"]andrewchapman30@hotmail.com[/email] thanks


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6th June 2004

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#2 16 years ago

this is an email i got from CodeMasters technical support regarding the Disk read error. I USED THE VERY LAST SUGGESTION, THE BOLD AND UNDERLINED... isk Read / PBO or CRC error message. I realize the following is a long list, but there are many things that can cause this sort of error. I am sending you this long list in order to shorten the time it would have taken us if we went back and forth, issue by issue. 1. Update your DirectX and your device drivers. 2. I would suggest downloading and installing the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard. The following are some of the most common. VIA chipset - www.viatech.com - if you have a VIA based motherboard you can download and install the latest 4 in 1 pack. AMD chipset - www.amd.com ALI chipset - www.ali.com.tw SIS chipset - www.sis.com.tw Intel chipset - www.intel.com To find out which motherboard chipset you have. Right click on My Computer then go to Properties > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus controllers and check what the brand name is (Intel, AMD, Via Tech, ALi). 3. If you are running any Virtual CD device software or CD "Imaging" software - such as Clone CD, Daemon Tools, Nero Burning Rom, Alcohol 120, etc. - This software is known for corrupting your ASPI layer, which is why you sometimes need to reinstall the MB software mentioned above. Just disabling it will not solve the problem. 4. Be sure that there are no programs running in the background that can affect the stability of your system. Virus protection programs, peer-to-peer software, and crash guard utilities can affect the stability of your system when playing 3D-intensive applications. Disable these utilities and any other programs before you run any 3D applications or games. 5. For Flashpoint, I would like to refer you to <http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq/>, which has a very good troubleshooting database. Quite often, this will save you time from waiting for a reply from us. In this case, I think going to that site and inputting problem keyword(s) into the search box might provide a number of possible solutions. Other possibilities: We have found that in the BIOS, if the Graphics Aperture Size is set incorrectly, then problems may occur. Historically, it was recommended this be set to half your system RAM. However, newer graphics cards with good on-board memory, do not need as large a CPU cache and games will work better with this set to a smaller value. To check what yours is set to, restart the computer and enter the BIOS Setup. In the BIOS, reduce the AGP Aperature size a setting or two. Check (regardless of motherboard) the system temperature, as OFP is very intolerant of high system temperatures. Check that DMA is enabled for the CD-ROM device that contains the Operation Flashpoint disk. Update the firmware for any CD/DVD-ROM on your system. Set the swap file (Virtual Memory) to a fixed size, as follows: Right click on "My Computer" and select properties from the drop down menu. Press the "Performance" tab. Press the "Virtual Memory" button. Select "Let me specify my own settings" and set the minimum and maximum values to 450Mb (1000 MB for Resistance) and press OK. For Win2000 - Right click on "My Computer" and select Properties from the drop down menu. Press the "Advanced" tab then "Performance". Change the "Initial" and "Maximum" sizes to 450 each. Click on "Set". (This will require a reboot to take effect.)

[color=silver]If you cannot install the game from the CD; using Windows Explorer or My Computer copy the entire CD to a temporary folder on the hard drive. Then rename the file "setup.crc" to "setup.bak" so the installer program can't locate it. Then run the setup.exe program from the hard drive. After installation, you can delete this temporary folder.[/color]


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8th August 2004

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#3 16 years ago

Hi, First of, thanx for your deep help... I tried to meet those technical requirements such as getting rid of cd & image burner, updating MB driver etc... Yet I am intensely sure that my situation is not related with those stuff in any way. Since it is all about a specific map! My problem is that; I had ofp 1.0 CD. I was running it without any problem. Then I tried to upgrade it to 1.75 with my resistance CD but after the problem-free installation, when I opened the game. I realized that there is only a little problem left. Not something big... I can play on almost all maps but Nogova! I mean I open Mission Editor and run any map but Nogova doesn't open. It seems to be loading the map and then I crash my face to desktop! single and multiplayer missions based on Nogova, naturally won't run as well. I tried to run the installation both from the CD and from harddisk copy of the CD. I change the name of setup.crc file with the name, setup.bak since it gives crc error you know... I can feel it! I am so close to light! I only need that map! Nogova! Is there anyone out there having Resistance so, Nogova map? It should be around 10 MB... I found a setup.exe crack link that claims if the original setup.exe file of resistance cd is replaced with this one. then no crc errors occur... yet the mirrors are broken! do you have any idea, do you know this gimmick? from gamecopyworld (com) Please help me, I am just about to get crazy!