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5th August 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Operation Restoring Hope is a mod based in Somalia and will feature many things such as weapons, vehicles, buildings, maps and much more but we can't do that without some of your guys help. We are recruiting for the following positions *Modelers *Skinners *Mappers (Really need these) *Unwrappers *Animators *Coders and any other positions that you find that are extremely important to a mods success. Our web site is http://www.totalbf2.com/orhmod/ and register up on the forums and post your recruitment their. If you are interested then post in the General Discussion part of the forums. We have a pretty effective team and we would like to add to that so we can release this mod for the community to play. We already have some stuff in game which you will see soon!

Nick-Animator/Researcher/Voice Actor