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19th April 2004

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#1 13 years ago

UPDATE!--------------------------------------------- I just had a look at the Mod tools beta forums and found my answer as the first question asked there. Basically the shader files in the mod folder are 'compiled' versions, and the source shader files are in the editors root folder. Now I have my shaders files, but I need to see if I can use them without having to compile them. Im not even sure how the code in these files work but at least its a step closer to creating or editing a postprocess effect. ------------------------------------------------------ Hi everyone, I have looked almost everywhere and Im curious if anyone has had luck figuring out how to manipulate the postprocessing effect of the white noise TV screen for the attack helicopter copilot. I have found a few things so far, but no way to change the effect itself. I opened the heli in the editor and found the area of the heli TV camera where the post process effect is defined, actually it gives some options to change the noise and frequency and such, but I want to change colors and possibly the type of effect, rather than noise. SO I started to dig around the files to see if I could find where in the game files is the postprocess effect file located. I found in the 2 postprocess shader .fx files, but when I open them in notepad they are all crazy and jarbley text characters. They will not open in 3DS using a directX 9 material either (which also uses .fx files). Nvidia has a .fx file viewer with their CG toolkit, but that didn't seem to work either, maybe I need to play with it more. SO, there is nothing in the editor, and nothing i can find online about it. Im curious how to modify the postprocess effects.