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18th February 2006

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#1 14 years ago

i just got project reality and from waht ive played so far, its pretty good for a mini mod. i first tried the single player and i couldnt figure out how to cap the flags. i seen the flags must be captured in order but i dont know the order and i cant take them. another thing is that i cant find an internet game. i activate PR and go to find servers. i get rooms but when i join them, bf2 restarts to regular bf2 and then loads. i cand find a PR room. when i check the box for same mod in the filter, nothing comes up. if anyone knows, help is much appreaciated.



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24th October 2005

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#2 14 years ago

Well the joinin server part is because you didnt check the same mod box so its tarts a normal BF2 game you just joined, dunno about the flags though.


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20th September 2004

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#3 14 years ago

It's best to clear all your filters - then tick only Same Mod, and Same Version...

PRMM is bloody excellent, new maps, new game modes, new weapons...

As for the flag capture order - look at the top of the screen, and everynow & then you'll get a server message telling you which flag to capture next. Keeps all the action together. Much better than Conquest IMO :naughty:

For anyone else, just click on my sig, this is a kickarse mod...


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#4 14 years ago

To get AAS (Assault and Secure) working properly in SP, you must first edit some files. he information is listed in the PRMM 0.3 readme :)

---------- 4. Changes ---------- IMPORTANT Single Player Notes - In order to be able to capture flags in Single Player you will need to do the following: --- 1. go to /mods/pr/python/game/gamemodes/ --- 2. run spfix.bat --- 3. this will now run Single Player maps in traditional Conquest mode; --- 4. In order to rever this change, you will have to manually rename to and then rename - AAS mode (gpm_cq before running spfix.bat) is not supported in Single Player - Extraction mode (gpm_xtract) is not supported in Single Player - Single Objective mode (gpm_sobj) is not supported in Single Player

Hope this helps :) [R-DEV]Gaz Project Reality Developer