TGH's Ultimod Single Player Enhancement (weapons unlock, tickets mod, and bot mod) -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

3 single player mods: AI-BOTS Mod: will change the ammount of bots that will be in the game (24, 32, 64, or 128). Also each bot ammount has three different difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard) I suggest using only 24 or 32 bots for the default map sizes for SP. You can also use this with other mods, such as the COOPv3 mod - which has the larger map sizes. TICKETS Mod: This simply changes the ticket ammount for each map. You no longer have to play with 100 tickets in single player. The ammount of tickets will be TRIPLED and will depend on how many bots\players there are. 16 players used to have 100 tickets but now has 300. 32 players used to have 200 tickets but now has 600. Weapon_Unlock_Hack: This will allow you to simply have all weapons unlocked. Here is the download: -ThAtSgOtTaHuRt