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14th March 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Hi all, i got another dumb question again.. Do anyone know how to replace an existent weapon model with a new model? For ex: i made an M4 model and want to replace it with the original one how do i do that? And another ex: lets say i want to take a weapon from xpack and use it in my own mod, how do i do that? What files do i need to get from xpack? If anyone know how please help me out. Thank you very much in advance..

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20th May 2006

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#2 13 years ago

OK, for getting an SF weapon in Vanilla:

1. Go to Objects_client.zip

2. Open the weapon folder

3. Look around for the weapon you want (let's use the MP7 as an example)

4. Go back to your mods/yourmod (or bf2, whichever mod you are using).

5. Open the Objects_server.zip folder.

6. Move the 'Kits' folder onto the Desktop, or into another folder you already have open.

7. Delete the 'Kits' folder from the 'Objects_server.zip'

8. Open the copy of the 'Kits' folder that you extracted to Desktop or wherever.

9. Choose MEC, US, or CH, depending on whos kits you are modding (lets use US an an example)

10. Click on the US folder.

11. RIGHT-click (I can't stress that enough) on the kit(s) you wish to change the weapon for. (lets use Specops.con for example)

12. Click on 'Properties' after you have right-clicked the Specops.con

13. Uncheck the 'Read Only' box.

14. Hit 'Apply'

15. Once 'Apply' turns gray again, click OK.

16. Double click on the Specops.con

17. In that file, there will be a line that says:

Objecttemplate.addTemplate USRIF_M4

Or something similar. This is the line that determines the PRIMARY weapon of that kit.

18. Delete the part that says 'USRIF_M4', and since we are using the MP7 as an example, replace that part with 'sasrif_mp7'. Make sure the 'sasrif' and the 'mp' part are NOT capitalized because if you capitalize it, the game will not read the weapon correctly and will crash when you load up a map.

19. Click 'File' then click 'Save'. [COLOR=Red]DO NOT[/COLOR] click on 'Save As'.

20. Close out that folder screen (if you are done modding kits)

21. Move the 'Kits' folder back into the Objects_server.zip

22. Launch BF2 and load a map.

23. If you game did not crash when the loading screen reached 14%-17%, then you have successfully modded BF2!!!

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Follow these instructions [COLOR=Red]TO THE LETTER. [COLOR=DarkSlateGray]If you do not, it will mess up your game, and you will have to do this ENTIRE process over again.[/COLOR] [/COLOR][/COLOR]