Bf2 Freezes when loging in. PLZ HELP!!!! -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

Ya i have 2 bf2's and im trying to get the other one working on my other comp. its all installed and everythings fine, but for some reason i am not able to login to any account on the new comp i installed the other bf2 on. I'll type in my account name and password, and it will just say "connecting to account" for hours. i left it on to login for mabey, 2 hours before i got fed up and alt-f4 that mother fucker. the wierd thing is, i tried to access my account from my other comp and it loaded the account within 2 seconds. What is the problem?!?!?!? plz help!!! any suggestions are greatly appriciated. And FYI, iv searched all the forums on this site for this topic, and have tried everything they told me, not to mention what 3 other forum sites have told me. And i still cant solve this problem... PLZ help guys anything is greatly appriciated.


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#2 13 years ago

Which version of Windows are you running EsC420PoT?