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#1 12 years ago

I have installed your new 1.3 patch.

Ever since I have used the 1.3 patch I’ve got some weird things happening. 1- Every now and then I select a game from the list, log in to it, load the game, hit join button and the game crashes no warning, nothing just gone, but I can live with’s been happening for about a week.

2- This just started to happen today. I log in, join a game hit the join button the HUD pops up and nothing. (please note my mouse is working up to this point as I can navagate to the "join menu") I see the main HUD that has the map and class select but I can not move my mouse. I see my pointer in the center. The Esc key doesn't work either. I can hear the game running, the voices and see people running behind the HUD. So it’s not frozen. I have waited til the end of a round and when the new menu pops up that has the "Join Now" bottom the mouse is back and working. Hit join and all over again.I have restarted. I have tried different servers, all the same. My mouse works on everything else. And worked before today and nothing has changed. I am useing a g5 laser mouse and it has worked 100% to date with BF2. My video card is a 6600 with 512. intel 2.6 with 1 gig of ram. This install is only about 2 weeks old. Besides knowing the the 1.3 is a POS patch any other ideas?? -HellGhost


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#2 12 years ago

hmmm, this seems similar to other probs people are having. All i can suggest is a full reinstall of bf2 and then the full 1.3 patch. Its done wonders for all sorts and hopefully it can fix your particular problem.

your right its no specific problem just bf2 and 1.3 being POS


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#3 12 years ago

Actually what worked is I went in to My documents and delete the WHOLE battlefeild 2 folder. I lost all of my settings and fav's but it works!