BF2 slows down after 2 hours of playing -1 reply

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30th April 2004

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#21 15 years ago

Thanks to AK and OTS for walking him through it ... I missed this post somehow in the past week ...... Reseating your chip isn't that hard. it is almost as easy as inserting ram or a new Graphics card. The real difference is , you don't want to bend a pin . lol If you do reseat it and you bend one, Get a bic pen, pull out the tube of the pen, Heat up the pin with a soldering iron, ( not TOO TOO hot it doesn't have to glow) and then use the pen around the tip of the pin, inserting the pin into the pen and then slowly straighten it. If you feel resistance, then heat it a little more and do it again.


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20th May 2002

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#22 15 years ago
THC_Snake_I have the same problem. When i first spawn the game is often choppy. In some cases the choppiness doesnt go away until I am killed and spawn again. I suspected my RAM, but i have almost 1 gig and dont encounter many other memory problems. It is PC2700 though. Will it help if I upgrade to PC3200+? Can I do so without major upgrades? Also, sometime i get what is either choppiness or lag that is so bad, my screen will completely freeze with repeating sound, then the game crashes to the desktop. Any suggestions?

Whether you can upgrade or not (or even should) depends on your CPU and Mobo. If as I suspect the ram is PC2700 because the CPU requires then putting in PC3200 just means having a gig of PC3200 running at PC2700, no difference really.

Many ppl experience a short period of choppiness at the beginning of the game, this was present in BF1942 also, and was caused by ppl's computer paging data to and from the HDD and vid card during the first few minutes of the game, but that shouldn't be your problem because that was almost purely related to low amounts of ram and you have plenty. The issue you are describing with the crashing sounds like hardware related (maybe not faulty, maybe drivers need updating), I have experienced a similar issue with an old Vid card when the fan was dying and it was overheating, the video would crash and reboot to desktop but the sound card would continue playing the last half second of sound over again, so maybe it is vid card related.




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27th July 2005

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#23 15 years ago

Well apocalypse, cant be my video card or at least not in terms of it being old, i just bought it. Drivers are up to date and all that. I heard that with RAM newer RAM chips are backwards compatible with older ones, which suggested to me that PC3200 or whatever higher # would run as PC3200 in place of the older chip. As for the beginning choppiness, which was one of the two problems I encountered, I was told in above posts and elsewhere that is was related to sound being set to full acceleration uinstead of basic. Can you please clear this up as your post confused me.