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#1 13 years ago

Here i was, excited about the new patch, and downloading it with my meagre 200mb download limit, to install and have it crash to desktop whenever i try to play. The screen goes black, as if it's about to start the game/movies and then flashes between the desktop and black, then just stops on desktop. My System specs are as follows: PIV 2.66ghz Radeon 128mb 9800XT 512 mb ram 120gig hd 2xDVD ROM/RW (which incidentally are pwnt and only run cd's properly)

The game ran fine before the 1.03 patch, so its no time to upgrade, thank you very much!


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#2 13 years ago

There are any number of threads on this subject already, have you browsed those to see if any solutions fix you problem. It sounds to me like the refresh rate problem, so I suggest that one first.