Crashes to desktop when joining online games -1 reply

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30th March 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Ive been having this problem for two days now, it just suddenly appeared one morning. Bf2 worked perfectly from the day I bought it (special edition thing with all expansions), that was in december, untill that morning. I can still play offline and start local games. I use vista and I think the game is fully patched. I found something on the EA forums about serial keys not being valid causing the problem but I don't thnk that's the case, because a certain registry value started with an x, wich means it wasn't the problem. I even downloaded something called BF2CDkeycheck from a link there but it didn't do anything at all. I also heard it doesn't work with vista but it was fine untill now. I can't find the manual with the serial so I can't reinstall and Id rather not start messing around with tho operational systems and such. I have made no cchanges to my settings, game or computer that might cause it, and the CD is not scratched. Could anyone please help me?


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1st January 2007

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#2 13 years ago

is punkbuster updated?? gpu driver updated??is everything getting through ya firewall?? over heating??, need more info