Demo Worked Great, Full Install...auggh, see picture -1 reply

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24th October 2004

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#41 13 years ago
.am0kAre you overclocking your card? If so lower it some. Another thing could be to try older driver versions, sometimes that helps.

If you read the thread, he's already stated that he is not overclocking his video card.


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15th November 2004

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#42 13 years ago

Well guys, it's official, the card is on its way to its death. I went over to a friend's house, threw in 6600gt, problems were all gone sad%20%28frown%29.gif But, just knowing now what I need to do is something positive, instead of pulling my hair out wondering if it was drivers/dx/game/card. So, hopefully MSI is nice about RMA's, because i can't afford another 6800gt. Looks like i might have to spend a little more time in the real world for a while sad%20%28frown%29.gif The good news is that tomorrow i get to go shooting with a friend who has a real full auto machine gun :) No MECs to shoot at though. Thanks again everyone for your assistance. It's nice to know there is a place where people try to help. I'll add one more picture for you guys to enjoy, wacky video card death goodness!