Editing to use mouse wheel as pitch up/down on plane? -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

I was told to edit some controls.con file to let me be able to use the mouse wheel to make planes go up and down, but I cant seem to get it working, anyone else have this problem? It will not let me set it or change it to that, it says it is already used in "common controls" but it is not. Thanks


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#2 13 years ago

The problem is that the key/button is bound to a control that isn't in the controls menu (probably used to be, but not in our demo version), therefore you can't unbind it to use it. Many have run into this issue. You'll need to open the file listed below with notepad (back it up 1st) and try to figure out what the mousewheel is bound to and delete that line of code and save the file. Then restart game and try to set your controls again.

The file you want to tweak is located here: "My Documents\Battlefield 2 Demo\Profiles\0001\controls.con" (assuming you're user 0001 - check the global.con file in the profiles folder to verify)

If it helps, I'm uploading my controls.con file. I deleted pretty much every default key so I could start fresh. You'll need to set it up to your preferences (unless you like my funky setup), but at least there won't (shouldn't?) be any more non-existant key binds to deal with. ;)