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#1 10 years ago

Ok so a while back my pc got messed up.. so i had to mannually delete BF 2. Now i reinstall it and when i play In a PB game i get "U have been banned from this sere PUNKBUSTER GLOBAL GUID BAN d7e4a8eb" WTF!!!! I made a new bf 2 account and i tryed to play PR. I got into 2 matches then started getting that error again! Please Help me! and dont tell me to make a support ticket, i alrdy did

any 1? I swere to god i didnt cheat so if you think im cheating Try to find a ban for me (You wont find 1) my username is Privateandrew222 so if you wont respond becuase you think i hack well theres some proof


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#2 10 years ago

1 more thing instead of punkbuster global guid ban its GLOBAL PUNKBUSTER GUID BAN and I can get on some servers so Thats good i guess...



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#3 10 years ago

581fe511cbda2c33e1decc69d7e4a8eb GUID is globally banned by EvenBalance, witch means banned on all PB enabled servers in BF2.

CDKEY/GUID has been used in the USA & in Germany, Tracked aliases 84.

GUID is global banned because someone has used that CDKEY to hack.

The CDKEY is leaked/stolen & EB won't remove the ban. The solution to that is.. buy a new game.


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#4 10 years ago

Ok I'll get my cousins cd key (his pc broke and he doesn't play online any way :p) ty for the reply, I'll call him tomorrow!