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#1 10 years ago

Ok, thats thats a really weird problem: I'm able to start the game, get into a server and then when the game starts the mouse is in the middle of the screen, the keyboard cant do nothing... the only thing i can do is Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and it happens also in BF 2142. and the weirdest thing is that i played these games for months then it suddenly happen i uninstall the games and now 2 months ago i installed it again played for 3 days and then it happen again!!!!!

please help me!!!


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#2 10 years ago

A problem that shows up randomly, no solution to prevent this is known yet. Just a workaround when it shows up:

Recently I received a common BF2 Problem and I thought I'd come and share the solution to everyone here at FileFront (sorry if someone has already pointed this out). The Problem: Quote: Once entering a server in BF2, the game runs normally yet the mouse remains frozen. All keys do nothing except TAB+ALT which brings you back to your desktop. The mouse works normally in the menu but not in a game. It can be a frustrating problem which kept me from playing BF2 for a few days. I search Google for a solution and found many other people have the same problem and only a few had the answer. The Solution: Someway or another, all the Common Controls were deleted. To fix the problem, simply start-up BF2, log in, then click on "Options", then "Common Controls", then click on "Reset to Default" and finally click on "Apply" to apply the settings to the game. This should fix the problem and thus making the game work normally :smokin: There you go, Happy Gaming :D