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13th December 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Yo fokes i was woundering if u can help me i am looking for some nice beasty 2gb of ram or 1gb to give it alot more faster and power. ive got 512mb at the mo but i keep getting shut downs when on bf2 i was hoping to get a really gd make and a gd ram i was looking at this one Corsair XMS3200 2GB (2x1GB) does any1 know if this is any gd. this is a web i was looking at i have got an athlon amd 64 3400+ 200gb hard hrive and a geforce 6600 256mb graphics card. my system is a sr1439uk compaq presario 061 ive been told it can work with pc 3200 ram modules i got 184pins and my ram is an ddr sdram. so has any1 got a gd idear on wt to get and where as cheap as can b i dont want to go over Ā£200 thanks guys for reading this and i hope u can pls help me cheers. i want gd ram to play really powerful games and run bf2 without any lagg and run it all on high settings thanks

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#2 14 years ago

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