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#1 13 years ago

ok to start of with these are the specs i know of my computer pentium 4 2.2 gig procesor and 512 ram my graphics card is a radeion 9600pro 128 mb

Well any way i install the game and by what ive red my computer is good enuf to run it i install it just BF 2 no expansions and start the exe up originaly it sed something like d3dx9_25 failure or something and i had that with need for speed underground before and fixed that and new how to fix that coz i did it for NFS underground so when i started it up while that problem wasent fixed it would just go black and then say yeah d3dx9 failure..werid? any way now that its fixed it starts up and every thing i get into menu SOMETIMES!! sometimes not it will just show intro cinamatic to game and close sometimes it gets to menu and i can do every thing and it wont spaz until i go play a stage and it tries to load up and it just like closes strait away and kick me to windows..???

PLZZZ someone help me i acktuly baut this game and i want to play it online :( plz plz plz help me i have latest patch exept the new one that acktuly cost money


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#2 13 years ago

Oh dear! Punctiation exists for a reason, please us it in the future, it took me ages to work out what you are saying.

Your error is nothing to do with BF2, it is a DirectX problem, I suggest trying to update your directX to the latest version and see if that helps, otherwise you will need to un-install DX and re-install it.




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#3 13 years ago

Plus, there is no patch that costs money. You must be confused byween "expansion pack" (I.E. a crap mod which you pay or) and "patch" And as apoc said, it's proably a directx error/driver error. And yes, fix your punctuation, spelling and grammar.