ok having problems with major stuttering upon HD access -1 reply

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24th June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

BF2 worked just fine for me using a raptor as c:\ having the game on d:\. then i had to reinstall and it just runs like crap. i've tried having the game on c: and still it sucks. everytiem theres a hard drive access it just freezes for a few seconds and it makes it impossible to play at all.

plz help, it ran just fine befroe!! i have a leadtek 6600gt agp, and a mobile 2600+ on a dfi lanparty oc'd to 2.5ghz on air. temps are under 50 for cpu, around 51 for the graphics card. i've tried the graphics card both at stock speeds and mildly oc'd but it still happens.

i noticed that the raid controller (SATA) and the agp slot share an irq. does this suck or what?? would getting a pci-based SATA controller help do you think??

thanks for any input!!

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26th June 2005

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#2 14 years ago

Your missing the golden figures for you ram. Lag when accesing the HD is almost certainly caused by swaping in and out of memory. Now the thing is , saying you had it running perfectly I would be looking at the settings in the thing. I would definatley drop textures to medium, this is a cuase of paging, I've got 1 gig of ram but it doesnt seem enought really for this game hence why textures are at medium (and this is with a 6800gt). Also drop dyn lights + shadows to medium as well. You wont tell the difference really. Slim


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#3 14 years ago

Hi Sounds like you need more memory, I have 2GB but it ran fine with 1GB. How much memory have you got ? Regards. Phil



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30th October 2004

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#4 14 years ago

my lag problem is my memory for sure....I have an intel 640 procesor @3.2 ghz.....ati 9800pro256.....audigy soundcard...a gig of ram, but it runs at 320 mhz cause of chipset limitation since they are one is 400mhz and the other 333mhz....sucks cause I cant afford it,but when I do I know that im getting 2gig OCZ dual channel.....no page file....and I know Ill be able to run the game at high..im getting about 30-50 fps right now....but has been dropping down to 20 when I hit lag........everyone is right......if your memory sucks than your games are gonnna suck!!!