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20th May 2002

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#1 13 years ago

There gave been a number of ppl having unexplained CTD's. Well surprise, surprise, it happpened to friend the other day. I was there at the time, so bit of problem solving got it fixed and I am posting this here for other ppl to try. First some background.

He uses an LCD, which needed replacing but he decided to use his spare CRT in the meantime. So he swaps them over, adjusts refresh and resolution to suit, fires up BF2, and adjusts settings on that to match the monitor or it looks funny, all pulled over to one side. So he gets new monitor and installs it, adjusts res and refresh per manufacturer recomendations, starts BF2, and CTD!

So we try adjusting different res on the monitor to try and fix it, nothing works, still CTD, so we start to try refresh rate, but being a LCD it doesn't have alot of choices. So, exasperated, I go into the C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles folder and edit the video.con files manually for each profile. Strangely enough each one has a difrerent refresh rate setting (this should be a global value, they are all on the same PC after all!). But ignoring the res settings you get this refresh rate setting at the end of each line:

VideoSettings.setResolution 800x600@85Hz

In his settings of course they were adjusted for the CRT and were at 85Hz, and by going through and adjusting each setting to 72Hz to match his monitor then next time we started BF2 it magically appeared just as if nothing had happened at all! Now I can't believe this is meant to behave like this, but it seems if the refresh rate is higher than the setting on the monitor (for LCD's at least), the game mysteriously CTD's, no error message, nothing!

Hope this helps some ppl, it won't, of course, help everybody.




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15th June 2005

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#2 13 years ago

[color=navy]While it certainly may be a game bug, I was unable to verify it. I set my CRT refresh for 75Hz while the game stayed at 85Hz. I launched BF2, verified it was still set at 85Hz and played a single player game. When I got out of BF2, the CRT was still set at 75Hz. But, I don't have an LCD to try it with or anything that takes a DVI connection.[/color]