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#1 10 years ago

Howdy, Well, for around abouts a week and a half now, my computer has been switching off automatically while playing bf2. Mainly while im gunning in an attack chopper and we get TV'd(comp turns off on impact). Very strange. Then more recently its been switching off more randomly-while im jumping around(inf) on a carrier. Ive been doing some windows ram tests and thought i may have found a solution, the problem being a dead ram slot. but so far not so good. I will test that theory futher. From the windows startup ram tests (windows diagnostic ram something like that), testing with the extended test, none of the four 1gig cards have errors. All in at once theres was an error, not sure what as it says it will give a report when you log back on but it doesnt or i dont know how to find it. When i used just 3 cards, no errors, but still crashed ingame. Il leave it there for now and give out my details. AMD 6000+ Asus M2N32 wifi 2x 8800ultra 169.25 beta 4 gigs kingston 2x hdd Sioundblaster X-Fi Window XP SP2 Anything else please ask. Cheers, Shmed



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#2 10 years ago

My computer has been doing the same thing randomly as well. I have done virus scans and everything. It does it when I play 2142 and Oblivion.


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#3 10 years ago

My problem turned out to be the PSu. New one and no problems. Dam you superflower! Second time the 800W PSu has failed me.