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#1 13 years ago

Hi, this is a new copy of Battlefield 2 which I received as a present recently. In the unpatched version, its fine, but when I try to patch it to 1.41, there's an 'error ept0009'. According to RTPatch Errors, this means:

------------------- Invalid Patch File ''

PATCH.EXE was unable to read correct information from the patch file. The specified file is either not a patch file or has been corrupted. Get a new copy of the file and rerun PATCH. -----------------------

How do I fix this problem? There will just a "Patching Failed" message and I can't proceed with the patch, no matter how many times I tried. I even tried downloading 1.40 to see if it works, but no luck either.

Lastly, after patching failed, I can't seem to run BF2 anymore. Also, there doesn't seemed to be any patch.exe in the temp folder after the choosing language trick.