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#1 13 years ago

So I am running two monitors right now, my larger one is my main and my smaller one is the secondary one I use to work on my site while I am busy playing games on the main one.

Get this: BF2 worked fine until one day I wanted to try and use it on my 40in flat screen TV. The PC worked fine on the TV but when I clicked BF2 the screen would go black, and instead of the game starting (like it usually does) the black screen goes away back to my desktop.

Now it doesn't work at all on any of my small monitors now. Since I think BF2 doesn't support wide screen like that so that is why it did not work.

Now I try to run it on my monitor and it does the same thing, and i've tried all kinds of things - including re installing and re patching it all.

I have 2 gigs of ram, NVidia 8600GTS, 3.2 dual processor - is my computer too over powered for BF2? Are the settings on my PC still the same from when I was trying to get the 40in' to work... am I going to have to do a system recovery to a date before fiddling with the 40in'?

Hopefully you guys can help, i've been all over the net searching for an answer - hell my techincal department guys on my website can't tell me the answer I need.


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#2 13 years ago

I am having the same problem. I was playing fine earlier today, now the splash screen comes up and then goes back to the desktop.

idk if this has anything to do with it, but I recently (this morning) uninstalled some ati software (gamer OSD, gameface) that was causing BSOD. CCC and the ATI driver are still installed :p. This is a new build...


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#3 13 years ago

Possible solution:

Launching/Loading Issues: The most common problem with BF2 is that the game crashes to desktop or goes to a black screen when you first launch it. The reason for this is either incompatible hardware (make sure you meet all the minimum specs), or more usually the fact that you're not running at the default Windows XP refresh rate (60Hz). By default the game tries to launch at 800x600@60Hz initially, so your system must be able to run that same resolution and refresh rate, otherwise the game will abort. If you are using any refresh rate override program/method, disable it (e.g. if you're using Refresh Force, click the 'Restore Original Settings' button and apply). Alternatively, see the Advanced Tweaking section of the guide for details on how to set a different startup resolution, in case your graphics card/monitor simply cannot do 800x600@60Hz resolution. Once you've got the game running, you can then change the resolution to suit your taste in the in-game settings, and importantly you can select a higher refresh rate. Then you can reapply any refresh rate override and the game will launch without any problems. To set a non-standard resolution see the Advanced Tweaking section.

Source: - Battlefield 2 Tweak Guide


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#4 13 years ago

I had recently put in a new video card so I had ATI control center and Nvidia center on my PC.

So I uninstalled the ATI control center and then made sure my main monitor is hooked up properly and re-installed BF2 completely.

It works now.


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#5 13 years ago

I completely uninstalled all ati software, then reinstalled only the driver, and it's working now for me too...