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#1 12 years ago

Hello I have played this game with no troble for 2 years now. But now my bf2 doesnt work. To start the game and log in is no troble but when i pick a server and the map starts loading the sound starts to hack and dobbleplay. when the map has finiched with loading the game stops to respond. You can do nothing. You have to shut down the game manually by ctrl+alt+delete. Need help want to play:( This is the things i have tryed: reinstall game, update pnkbstr, change grafic installation in game. and with no result. My computer is good so its not the prestanda. please help!

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#2 12 years ago

It could be a problem with your sound card (for the sounds). It might also be that the system isn't understanding something and/or something is corrupted. I recommend doing a uninstall, reg-clean, install, repatch, test. I also recommend that you update your graphics drives, sound drivers, and BIOS drivers.


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#3 12 years ago

Since DirectX is the port between your game and the hardware, besides the drivers, i'd suggest to update DirectX as well if you did not already. DirectX 9.0c Full (August 2008 Release)

Anothere reason might be a failed patch installation, even if the installer said everything was installed properly. In this case just reapply the latest one (1.41 Full), this did work for several people that had issues.