To anybody who is using ForceWare78.01 driver for nvidia geforce cards -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

in 78.01 there will be lots of torn texture when you play BF2, the nVIDIA sure didnt do their job on this one:( , so change your driver back to 77.77 for best graphical performance:)


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#2 13 years ago

The torn textures aren't usually caused by the drivers, they are caused by the vid card, turning Vsync on will usually rid of the tearing in the textures. The tearing is caused by the refresh rate of the monitor in certain situations where the refresh rate of the card conflicts (ie, the frame buffers on the card are updated halfway through a screen draw, and you get half of one frame and half of the following frame in the same image, resulting in tearing).

This is never a problem when the FPS is lower than the refresh rate of the monitor, so the increased performance of the new drivers may be creating the problem. By turning Vsync on, if your FPS is to high, it forces the frame buffers to be written to at exactly the same reate as the images are displayed on the monitor, thus eliminating the texture tearing problem.

I would be interested if you could test out the Vsync setting for me and see if that fixes your problem with the new drivers.




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#3 13 years ago

no its not the Vsync problem this time its serously the driver, also, overclocking your video card too much will make torn textures too so you better not do it for this game.