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#1 13 years ago

I am having a problem where whenever I start playing BF2, after about 2 - 5 minutes of playing I will get a freeze, usually it lasts for about 20 seconds. During those 20 seconds it just freezes and the sound repeats whatever was being played at the time of the freeze. Once the freeze is over it takes me to the Desktop (if the freeze actually stops) and shows me an error saying something along the lines of 'ATI Control center has turned off you video accelerator because it was no longer responding' Then if I click on BF2 again which is minimized. It launches back up but it doesnt have a minimap, no score, no health bar, no ammo bar, no scores menu, no squad menu will come up, no respawn menu screen will come up. Nothing but the basic screen, It doesnt even have a crosshair! And If I dont try and relaunch BF2, but try Send the Error or even just move the error window, the whole comp freezes and locks up. I have a Radeon 9550 graphics card, Pentium 4 processor, 160GB Hard Drive, 1GB Ram. I have updated my Battlefield to the 1.4 patch aswell. Any help will be much appreciated. MSN: [email][/email]


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#2 13 years ago

Simple one here, either vid card driver problem or a faulty vidcard. Upate your vid card drivers, ifit still happens test with another vid card.




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#3 13 years ago

if your not sure where to get your drivers from you need to go to ati's website and download the drivers from there.