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25th October 2004

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#1 11 years ago

The =167= Clan would like to announce the opening of it’s new RANKED 24/7 Karkand Infantry-Only Server! SERVER INFO: IP Address: Player Slots: 32 Map Size: Large (64-Man) Location: Dallas, TX Streaming to: PBBans, Punksbusted Website: www.167clan.net This server was opened and is run under the foundation of fair gameplay. Below are the actions that we allow, disallow, and what we guarantee to our guests. ALLOWED ACTIONS: - Bunny Hopping/Dolphin Diving - Fighting Commanders - Use of Obscenities in General (Not directed toward anyone in particular) - Use of Claymores on Flags - Use of ANY of the Weapons (G36’s, L85’s, Claymores, Grenades, ) - Dropping Supply Crates on Enemy Soldiers - Spec Ops & Associated Teammates/Squad-mates Camping the Gas Station - Raping the Uncaps (When the USMC Team holds at least ONE other flag) DISALLOWED ACTIONS: - Use of Cheats - Use of Obscenities directed toward others - Use of Glitches - Recruiting - C4 Jumping - Harassing Other Players - Use of Libel/Slander (Defamation of someone’s character through use of Chat and/or VOIP.) - Commander Slacking - Impersonating Clan Members/Server Administrators - Raping the Uncaps (When the USMC Team does NOT hold ANY capturable flags) - Spawn Raping (Camping a respawn point only to get kills. - Black PunkBuster Screenshots WHAT WE GUARANTEE: - Fair, Cheat-Free Gameplay (Automatic PB Demos and Screenshots that are reviewed daily.) - Competent, Dedicated Administrators (All Administrators Care. Our main goal is for our guests to have a good time.) - Consistent Administrators (No Double-Standards. All admins will obey the same rules at all times.) - Active Administrators - Report-A-Cheater Form on our Website (Allows people to send their suspicions to our Clan HeadQuarters Email Address. They will review the PunkBuster Screenshots & Demos and WILL reply after the investigation, if not sooner.) Are YOU ready to experience the fairest server on Battlefield 2? Hope to see you there! Regards, Richard P. Aldorisio, Jr. General of the Armed Forces Mapmstr Clan Commander HeadQuarters Division =167= International Multi-Gaming Clan