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21CW is hosting a 21CW vs. all battle on New Year's Day -- Check it out:

[INDENT] Think you are one of the best in Battlefield 2? Do you think you can compete with some of the top organized BF2 players around? Come and prove it on January 1st, 2009. Even if you aren't the best come and see how organized play really shapes the game; its not all about skill, it's about having fun and 21CW will be opening it's doors and it's battle server to players from around the world to come in and test their skills. This won't be your little brothers pub play either. There will be intense battles of organized skill, working as a team not individuals. No more need to run rambo, join a squad and participate in tactical attacks and structured defense on different flags. No need to stress out over unorganized players ruining your game, come join us for a day of organized fun. Focus on your skills helping the team, no need to do it alone, you have a squad to back you up. Tired of Squad Leader's that just run around, here they are part of a tactical unit, helping to get you spawned in to the fight. Here at 21CW, it isn't about how you play, but about how you act with your team, and how you help your squad to complete its goal! Who Dears

Join us Jan 1st @ 12 noon Eastern!

21CW Ranked Public Server port:16567 21CW Teamspeak Server [/INDENT]