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#1 11 years ago

Hi Guys, I was banned today on the Armored Fury while playing on Operation Road Rage. This is what happened. I was flying an A10. I was playing on the USMC side. The MEC had no flags. First I bombed a tank coming out of their uncap. The admin SF Tactical Doggy warned everyone to not base rape. So, I stopped immediately. Everything was going normally then I bombed a jeep heading to our flag with 3 people in it. USMC Generation Kill says, snowrdr is bombing uncap. I said no I'm not stop lying. So then, Cadet Kelly Girl says snowrdr bombed the uncap. I don't know if she was talking about the beginning of the game or not. I said repeatedly NO I DID NOT. I was nowhere near the uncap. SF Tactical Doggy going on what USMC Generation Kill said and after Cadet Kelly Girl chimed in kicked me for raping uncap. I came back in the server. I said I need to talk to the admin. Well, Cadet Kelly Girl kept accusing me of bombing the uncap. Then I was shouting, I said NO I DID NOT I BOMBED A JEEP WITH 3 PEOPLE IN IT. First of all, the ONLY reason USMC Generation Kill said I bombed the uncap was because he doesn't like me PERIOD. He was lying to try to get me kicked. He doesn't like me, because the round before that I wouldn't pick him up as a gunner in the chopper. I opted to pick up another player instead so he was pissed about that. Anyway, I came back in the server to talk to Tactical Doggy and he wouldn't respond to me. So, I said I'm going to go post in the forums about this. So, I minimize BF2 while still in the server to go register and post on the forums about my problem. When I came back to BF2 it says you been kicked. So, I try to get back on your server and I was banned. I'm not sure if I was standing in the hangar and somebody ran me over because I was registering on your forum at the time and had BF2 minimized. Anyway, I was banned and I think this is really messed up because I shouldn't have even been kicked much less banned. I really have a problem with Tactical Doggy kicking me in the first place. He shouldn't kick someone just because someone tells him something. I hardly ever get to fly on your server. This was one of the rare times that I do. And this is what happens. Unbelievable. Please lift the ban. I am being completely honest here I DID NOTHING. I DID NOT go near that uncap after Tactical Doggy warned the team. So please lift the ban and resolve this issue of people getting kicked based on heresay.


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#2 11 years ago

We dont run this server, you will have to ask the server owners on Their forums if they have any.


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#3 11 years ago

you're gonna have to take it up with the server, go to there website, copy what you said here, and paste it on to there forum. or you can report the server to EA for ROE violation.