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#1 11 years ago

I posted in another section of this forum that we're looking for some help to crank up our Armored Fury server.

Seems as though the forum is pretty empty I just wanted to see if anyone was around to read this - lol

We're currently doing a 2 map rotation of Midnight Sun and Harvest - IP address is - or you can search it with the name "Armored Warfare"

I'm on pretty much most of the time during the day and our clan has a total of 50 members. We also run an infantry only server and a "Total Warfare" server currently rotating Zatar Wetlands and Highway Tampa.

Pop in and look for me (Jaypaw) or squid (Diuqs) - also check out the website

XFIRE ME TODAY - xfire name = jaypaw

If anyone is interested post here, visit the website, or email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

See you on the battlefield.