Looking for an unranked server w/ battlerecorder for a movie -1 reply

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7th June 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hi, I'm making a comedy movie(for bf2), and i need an unranked server with battlerecorder. I won't need to use it very often, and when i do, i'll tell you ahead of time. I would prefer to have admin status(i have bf2cc. i dont need full admin status, but i atleast need to be able to change maps, kick/ban players, and change server settings). you will be included in the credits of the movie(you can have your clan name(or ur bf2 name), and a web site of ur choosing(forums, clan site, etc.). you can contact me on xfire at lilbond, email me/message me on msn at [EMAIL="midgetman867@aim.com"]midgetman867@aim.com[/EMAIL] , or mesage me on aol instant messenger at midgetman867. also, we are still recruiting more actors. contact me for more information.