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Riles Lek

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3rd March 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Well, I've made a map.... And I followed everything how it should be in some mapping tutorials...

However, when I start the map in-game, the game starts near the 2nd wall to the left, only a small part is revealed, I can't move my camera, my three heroes (Gimli, Legolas, Eomer) are hidden somewhere north, then uh, several seconds after the game starts, everything is dead. The walls look like they are damaged, the heroes have 0 health, and I get a "defeated" message. I have many units, etc etc.. I uploaded a picture, please help me! I've made 3 teams.. aka 3 spawn points.. and as teams, I put player 1/team player 1, player 2/ team player 2 , player 3 / team player 3... What am I doing wrong???


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2nd May 2016

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#2 11 years ago

Have you accounted for AI, I'm not sure how to do it but I reckon you must have an option for use of the AI, try it with 3 of your mates online and see if it works.