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22nd May 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Hi, I am not new in filefront and I know it's a great plece for fans (of games of course) to download really cool stuff-games mods etc. My idea is simple and it involves me and as much as people possible to dedicate some part of our free time in making an ULTIMATE mod based on the battles and othere stories in tolkien's book sILMARILION. Of course all of us know from lotr books and films about the old time a that, or example the Balrog is "a deamon of the ancient world" etc. Point is it would make a great campaign and maps to see (for those of u who have read the book) the war of anger-between the valars and the balrogs.But even if u haven't read the book post here if u r up 4 the challenge...