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12th October 2005

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#1 14 years ago

lo everyone i'm kinda new to the forum of filefront and especially to lotr:bfme section but I have a really bad request for a mod based on "Sabriel" if you've ever read the books you'll love it. basically armies fighting dead with ww1 era type guns but usually in hand to hand combat, the book itself is well known. Erm i know its ignorant just posting that i want something so if erm anyone does is able to start a mod like this I would be proud to do the skinning, i think the skin is in tga. format i dunno but I've done skinning before on games such as Counter Strike Source for half life 2, I've done some bump maps too but thats irrelavant anyway just wanted to say all that I've said. Thanks for reading and i seriously dont mind if you think the idea is a dud.