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#1 15 years ago

I dont know if any have ever heard of it or seen it but there was once a mod called maniac mod 1.3 where i believe this was one of the best mods ever made, and so simple. Many mods have attempting into getting more soldiers on the field by upping the pop cap. but where maniac mod comes in is so ingenius, instead of that, the author upped the number of soldiers per unit eg.(1 good unit equals 5, was changed to 25, 1 bad unit equals 12, was changed to 50) So wat im asking is 2 things, what happened to this mod which was in lotrfiles.com afew months ago now disappeared(or am i losing it?:confused: ). and if no one can find it, can some1 spare afew hours to make this mod? but instead of the 25/50 thing, can we have; good = 50 bad = 100 :naughty: with that, any possibility adding these too? - arrows can miss target - fire arrows removed from good (becoz it looks odd where their allys are Ents who hate fire, fight along side their allys firing the fire arrows too) can be changed to elven made mithril arrows where they glow blue like Sting and do very strong damage to the orcs. - Rangers with swords - Citadel and Rohan Royal Guards added - Add dismountable Witch King All those ideas are not needed if too much of a hastle but if it can be added, that would be great. The main thing is that the pop cap can be left unchanged but the unit numbers increased a heck of alot, i think this will be much easier than having to build units to 4000 pop caps. I thank who ever wants to do this alot.:bows: Plz, this sounds like a great idea. Think about it.:(


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#2 15 years ago

A lot of those features can actually be found in mods already out there. There are a few mods that let rangers have swords, witch-king on foot, etc.


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3rd December 2005

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#3 15 years ago

Actually the maniac mod already exists on the site Middle earth vault. And i think this modification your suggesting might not be doable. The arrows seem a little complicated is all.