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Interface Information Name:Fenir Wood Compilation v1.5 Author:AncientWolf[List AncientWolf's interfaces]

Date:05-11-2007Size:2.30 MBVersion:1.5a

Pictures rrr.jpgDescription A wood and ivy inspired interface with 9 bottom bar configurations to fit almost any ui placement preference/screen size. [COLOR=orange]Revision History:[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]Version 1.5 05/11/2007[/COLOR] - Corrected transparencies on some of the box corner graphics. [COLOR=orange]Version 1.4 05/09/2007[/COLOR] - Removed some redundant images and took out 2 less popular bar versions (Old Compact) People still wanting those other two may download the 1.3 version. [COLOR=orange]Version 1.3 05/01/2007[/COLOR] - Added 2 more bottom bar variations of the compact bars per user request- I removed the ivy "finials" on the left and right to further condense the bottom bar. Also tweaked the ivy graphics on all bars to sharpen them. 11 Variations! [COLOR=orange]Version 1.2 04/27/2007[/COLOR] - Added "Bar Wars - Revenge of the Pith" variations. These further toy with more icon slots incorporated into the design. 9 Variations now! Thanks Asmaria! [COLOR=orange]Version 1.1 04/26/2007[/COLOR] - Included double bar versions. 6 Variations. Changed over icons for the backpacks - I hated the first ones! [COLOR=orange]Version 1.0 04/25/2007[/COLOR] Initial Release [COLOR=orange]Installation:[/COLOR] Exit the game. Extract all the files from the ZIP file making sure the option to "use folder names" is enabled; The folder on your computer you should select as the destination will be: ..\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ You should see: ..\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ \ui\skins\Fenir Compact Wood And Also: ..\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ \ui\skins\Fenir Wood And so on... Launch the game Once in-game, go to OPTIONS then choose "UI Settings" from the menu on the right, once there scroll all the way down to the bottom of the UI Settings page and you will find a dropdown list where you can choose the UI Skin to use for that character. Notes: Thanks to all for the support and in game feedback, I'm glad you all like the work. I cant wait till we get more id's/assets to mess with! For More Guide and Interface ,you will go to: Lord of the rings online Guide,Buy Cheap Lotro Gold & Power leveling,Account (It's the Fans Site) -Fenir [Founder - The Ancients - Silverlode]


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