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#1 12 years ago

[WKD] - Witch King's Domain or just WICKED Clan is now seeking ACTIVE members to join our fun clan!!

What we offer:

-Custom Clan-member made downloadable maps via website -Forum for ideas, and keeping in touch, keeping track of things -Inner-clan tournaments, with a dedicated results page, champions list -possibilities of promotion taken by actions of members

The WKD clan is only for those seeking to have fun, and are able to be DEDICATED to participating in clan events, and keep in touch via forums.

We recently lost a few members, who decided they didn't have the time to even play the game anymore, so, we are looking to "rebuild" the clan.

We have in the clan currently:

Myself (level 6) 1 more level 6 1 level 5 1 level 4

All are welcome if you fit the criteria.. you may be asked to play a match for fun.. to see how you act in a match, etc..

It is not whether you win or lose.. it is how you play the game!!



Copy and paste that link if you are interested, and CONTACT ME via website!!


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#2 12 years ago

uh nice one Wickedclown01 i see your maps all around, i used to play for MaS and a clanwar player but i have lots of work to do at the moment maybe i might sign up later, also you shouldnt judge on the players levels, just a bit of advice from a clan leader ;)


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#3 7 years ago

so do u have clan opening for pc users or is this just for console users....and is this the wKd clan thats on Black ops for pc....if so i want in i love your clan servers there awesome gaming