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3rd May 2006

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#1 14 years ago

someone has got to make a 300 mod for bfme2. if u havent seen the movie yet (my god why not?), it is basically the story of the battle of thermopylae, in which 300 spartans faced 1,000,000 persians, but extremely dramatized. it adds amzing and horrifying soldiers and beasts, like war elephants, war rhinos, immortals (persian elite soldiers), giant persian berserkers, and of course, the elite spartans. the battle itself if massive and awesome, and would be perfect as a strategy game. is anyone up to the task? or does anyone know someone who is already making this type of mod?


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#2 14 years ago

man, that is the best movie ever, and true story, history etc. the persians actually did have elephaunts and rhinos. amazing movie, saying its the best movie ever is like saying the ocean is wet.

persian forces immortals-black orcs. persian troops-soldiers of rhun/wildmen/hardrim riders-dwarven battlewagon(rhino chariot) haradrim lancers(riders) eliphaunts-mumakil Archers-increase the size of numenorean rangers from 10 to 200, weaken their attack.

yeah, with all of the added troops in the expansion and the old games, this could be done. but i would like to see single unit towerguard, with the shields(bfme 1) and 300 of them. one towerguard-one of the threehundred.