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Age of Numenor is a total conversion mod for The Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth II The Rise of the Witch King. It is set in the time of the Numenorean Kings. From the start of the 2nd age to the fall of the last Gondor King. It will completely redesign the game going for a new look instead of the EA/Weta look. The look will be slightly comic in appearance.(Check out the concepts below to see what I mean). The mod will have 6 factions Men Orcs Fell Men Evil Men Elves Dwarves

Each of these factions will have 2 X-Factions. The X-Factions are

Men = Northmen,Numenor Orcs = Mordor,Angmar Evil Men = Rhun,Harad Fell Men = Dunharrow,Black Numenor Dwarves = Khazad Dum,Blue Mountains Elves = High Elves,Wood Elves

I will explain X-Factions in a second.

Each player will start with 2 builders and a Town Centre. The Town Centre will have a couple upgrades for purchase like the X-Faction as well as being a place to build Builders.

X-Factions are a sort of upgrade that will allow the player to choose a faction within a faction each X-faction will be different and destinctive. eg. You start with Men from the Town Centre you can choose between the Northmen and the Numenoreans each with a different cost and will play differently, ie The Numenoreans are more expensive and will have stronger infantry and Navy,where as the Northmen focus more on Cavalry and are cheaper.Once a X-Faction has been chosen you are stuck with it. The X-Faction is optional but your faction will be very weak.

Once you purchase a X-Faction you X-Faction will start to progress through ages.Age is the second system as time goes by your X-Faction will go through changes as it moves through time. Each X-Faction will have 3 Ages. The Age system is similar to the age system in Age of Empires it is however automatic. In most cases your X-Faction will get stronger as time progresses and more technologies and units will become available as time goes by.

An average game of AON will be paced out and will likely be a bit longer then an average game of RotWK.

OK below I have posted some concepts for AON.

orc3rdage.jpg orc3rdagehelm.jpg orc3rdage2.jpg orc3rdagehelm2.jpg balcoth_aon.jpg balcoth2_aon.jpg balcoth3_aon.jpg rhunheroconcept.jpg stonetroll_aon.jpg warriortroll_aon.jpg warriortrollarmour_aon.jpg mirkwoodsentinel_aon.jpg mirkwoodweapons_aon.jpg corsair_aon.jpg aonkhandconcept.jpg


I didn't make it!

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4 more images that didn't fit angmarimhelmconcept.jpg angmarimhelmconcept2.jpg

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