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#1 14 years ago

Hi. I am extremely sorry if this post had already been discussed, but I am unable to find a definative answer.

- Myself and a friend would like to play Helms Deep against 2 CPU enemies over our LAN. - We would like to defend helms deep, admitadly using Mordor and Isenguard and being sieged by Men and Elves. - I have altered (very basicly) the helms deep map so there is more build space.

However, when we attempt to play the game, the enemy will NEVER make an attack. I have attempted to build a Fellbeast fly it over to there base and attack some of the units they have built, to entice them back towards the keep, but the enemy will give chace untill they come into visual range of the outer walls and will then turn round. :(

I have downloaded some other custom maps that say they include AI but i can't spot anything in the map editor or anything special at all in the scripts.

If anyone could give me the critical info on how to actually get the AI to build an army and then attack that would be hugly appreciated. I would be happy to let anyone have a look at the map and point out where I might have gone wrong that would be great. :bows:


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#2 14 years ago

Firstly i am no mapper for the game but i am site admin for lotrfiles, i would check there first for any worldbuilder tutorials if not then just play a normal game but there are some good helms deep maps that do have Ai and they do work you must make sure they are on Brutal mode to get the best performance.