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7th May 2007

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#1 13 years ago

I thought I'd mention this here as well for those who are interested. "This week-end I'll be releasing an "Alpha" version of the mod - v1.05.00. I'll be compiling a list of the items that have been changed as well as those that still need to be worked on in the coming days. The mod will be in a "working state", available as is at this moment. I'll be sending out a pm to everyone signed up with the download location. For those who signed up feel free to play the release as much or little as you can. I would appreciate all the feedback over the release that can be provided and opinions on where you would like units/factions to end up. Many of the factions are very close to functional completion and all that is left for those factions are balance adjustments. After this release, I'll be releasing new versions every 1-3 weeks with more content bug fixes, balance changes. Your feedback will help guide the directions that I take with the mod. I really want the beta program to kick into gear. So sign up if you have not and want to get an early release and get involved in the beta! I hope that everyone enjoys and I did not mess too many things up. :D To sign up, add a reply to the following topic and I'll add you to the list and send you the PM: 1.05 information and Beta Testers - Revora Forums Just remember, the mod is in "Alpha" stage. It is a work in progress and not ready yet for an official release. That said, combo hordes are ready for Dwarves, Men, Elves, Rohan, Isengard, & Goblins. Evil Men is getting closer and closer to completion. Most of the structures are in place in the first draft (including 2 fortresses, upgrades, and expansion slots.) There are many bug fixes and so much more - don't forget the new nazgul system with individual nazgul level 10 powers, etc.) But it is still has lots of areas that need work. Button images/portraits need to be finished. Incorrect/incomplete tooltips. First draft of balance not yet complete. The campaign will be aligned in a future update." Robert J.