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15th October 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hello! I used to mod for BFME 1, but now I forgot how to. I had a mod idea. Here is my idea that i think someone else could do: This does include some ideas from the units and structures used. Dol Amroth Faction: Buildings: Archery Range(Like the dwarves range) Barracks(Gondors but with a wooden touch) Stables(Gondors) Fortress(A cross between Gondors and Angmars) Heroic Statue(Rohans old statue) Fountain(Gondors) Walls(Cross between Gondors and Angmars) Smith/Workshop(Gondors for both) Units: Arnor Archers -Archery Range Arnor Soilders - Barracks Dol Amroth Knights - Stables Dol Amroth Soldiers(Dismounted version type) - Barracks Trebuchet(Gondors) - Siege Works/Workshop Noldor Elven Warriors - Archery Range Dudain Rangers - Archery Range Men of Dale - Archery Range Dale Swordsman - Barracks Dudain Swordsman - Barracks Noldor Elven Spearmen - Barracks Heros: Prince Brand, Captain of Dale Imrihal Isildur Elendil (3 Arnor Kings/Princes) (That one Elf from the Last Alliance) Upgrades(Both Men and Elves and a little Dwarven ones): Slithhorn Arrows Fire Arrows Heavy Armor Forged Blades Banner Carriers Fire Stone Wall Expasions: Postern gate Gate Trebuchet Expasions Arrow Towers Powers: Heal Last Alliance(25 pts) Narsil Daybreak ect. These are ideas but this is what i was trying to do. But I would love it if someone could make a Mod out of this.