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#1 13 years ago

Hey, Im the leader of X - Mod ( www.freewebs.com/jimiojoe ) (A mod introducting the Mutant faction to BFME2 based ont he X-Men Films) Since my last popular topic i have made much progress and if you check the site now you will see much further information and updates. However i still really do need a good modeller/animator, i can model if i have to, but animating definately i need someone! I was going to try and copy other heroes skeletons and animations... but from following the tutorials, there must be something i keep doign wrong... i think its the binding, because i can get some units int he game, its jsut they stay in their skeleton position. When i do try and use a WWSkin to bind them... they just don't work.....so really having a modeller aswell might solve this problem aswell! Pleaase pleeasse help me out if you can :D Also please comment on the website with your views, or else fill out the feedback forms - Thanks! Jim

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#2 13 years ago

hey there man thankyou for this mod i ask permission for you to send this to me and we can host this on lotrfiles first! and aso some members of lotrfiles will be interested in beta testing i may be as well.