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27th July 2009

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#1 11 years ago

When I was testing out another one of my maps with my friend it closed down saying that it was out of synch or something like that. Anyway it kept closing the match down (Not the game) and said that we should exit out and back in again. We tried that but still didn't work. After about 5 times he left to do whatever. I was looking online today for a fun map and it say this in details: ********** OUT OF SYNCH NOTE ******** Out of Synch is caused by players having different ini.files, ini.files are the part of the game that makes units have there abilities, attack and armor the images, everything in the game that needs to be put in place. the ini.file puts it there. It goes out of synch because 2 or more players don’t match each others ini.files, how is this? By playing a game like ringwars, or even this map gladaitor underworld, or any map that changes and has a ini.file, then playing other maps with people that don't match your ini.file. How do you fix it? You must restart your bfme2 game, anyone that has a bad ini.file, and if you don’t restart Every game you play will be at risk of going out of synch unless the person(s) your playing with has the same changed ini.file as you do Here Was the website: The Lord of the Rings: the Battle for Middle-Earth II: Downloads / Details -- Strategy Informer

So anyway Does anyone know what this means? Also do they know if he means when he says restart does he mean reinstall game or exit out and back in??? To me It doesn't make much sense when he says that when you play those kind of maps it screws up your game so you can't play regular matches with other people. If someone could help me that would be great. Also If I figure it out myself I will tell. Note I have played edited games before and I was trying to change an ini file for fun once.(It Worked) And I played it Once by myself in single player without any AIs.