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#1 12 years ago

Aggh, haven't come across ANYBODY who has this issue. Bought the game, registered, and got the new 1.02 patch, and I am able to get online for multiplayer. PROBLEM: I dont/cant use the original DVD to get in to BFME2 (dont want to lug around my laptop and games) SO, im trying to get into by using the no cd fix 1.01, since i cant find a 1.02 fix anywhere. Now, anytime i get online and I try to join any game it say "cannot join, incompatible version" and its true, under setting it still says 1.00 version even though i download the new 1.02 version. I tried renaming the fixed .DAT file and copying back the Original 1.02 .DAT file, BUT NOTHING. I believe it still reads off the fixed .DAT. Bah... Any work arounds? Why doesn't anybody have a fixed 1.02 .DAT??? Whats taking so long? Patch 1.03 is coming out soon! There has to be a way! I even tried downloading a mini image of it, but that didn't work it says mound the .MDS files, but the download only contained the .MDF ... BAH. :confused: