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#1 14 years ago

There is a new magazine for Lord of the Rings the Battle for middle earth 2 containing the latest files from lotrfiles magazine. The magazine is called Lotrfies magazine and is made by me Digz and momma_dean, we would like this magazine to get off to a flying start as it already has with over 2000 views for the first issue! The second issue s coming out on thursday the 10th May 2006, however if you want to get the magazine before that mail me: [EMAIL="Digz_365@hotmail.co.uk"]Digz_365@hotmail.co.uk[/EMAIL] If you want to subscribe for the firsst 12 issues of it and get it earlier than anyone else, 5 people have already subscribed and only 15 places reamin please mail me. The magazine is to tell about what not and what to get for BFME2 like maps, mods strats, replays things like that so please mail me if you want to subscribe and just read the magazine! Here is the link to the first issue: http://lordoftherings.filefront.com/news/LOTR_Files_magazine_Volume_1;26553 Thanks guys any feedback???